Bad Me

Okay so I lied and didn’t get my pics up like I promised last Thursday night. Bad me. Sorry I was really busy with work and knitting. I stayed up late almost every night these last few days knitting.

I got the main body of a bag to be felted done but either I messed up somewhere or the pattern I was following is wrong. The eyelets for the strap are in the wrong places. So I have to rip back to that row (I think it’s like 10 rows back) and after doing the math figure out where the eyelets really go. It’s a very frustrating thing when you think you’re done and then find out that you have at least another 2 hours of work to do.

You should have heard the nasty words coming out of my mouth when I saw this this morning at about 3 AM.

Here’s my bag shortly before the eyelet fiasco.



~ by kitkatsknits on April 18, 2005.

2 Responses to “Bad Me”

  1. Oh, that sucks about your bag! What pattern are you using? Good luck getting it finished!

  2. Hey Katrina :),
    Drats!! Sorry you have to frog the 10 rows. I hate frogging things. I think you should let the designer know that the eyelets are in the wrong place.
    The bag is looking great though :).

    I took your tip on the picking up of the stitches, I used a crochet hook too :). Thanks. I ran out of yarn for my bag and I am patiently (NOT!) waiting for my yarn to arrive.

    See ya Saturday.


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