New Project Idea

Thank you Isela for making me spend even more money on yarn and supplies. After seeing your pda bag I now have to make something similar for my new digital camera. At least it wont take me very long. Perhaps I’ll be able to make it with the left overs from my large project bag. I’ve also decided to make Hot Tamale for my maid of honor Nichole.

We’ll have to see when I’m done with that bag if I have enough left for the camera bag. I have completed the main body of the bag and am now working on the end pockets. I think it’ll be really cool. I’ve just changed color when I ran out of the one I was working on so the pockets are going to be uneven stripes. one is like half red half black. The other end will be all black, and then the side pockets will be part black part red. I’m not sure what the i-cord handle will end up being probably both colors as well. I’ll post a pic tonight as I’m at work right now and with my new schedule I actually get off at a reasonable hour. 7:45 Mountain time. So come back later tonight or tomorrow to see those pics.

Oh yeah I also modified the pattern so the eyelets are in the right place now. That was a pain in the butt. At least I’ll be able to hold the straps the way they’re supposed be held. Yeah me. I modified a pattern all by myself. Woot!!



~ by kitkatsknits on April 19, 2005.

One Response to “New Project Idea”

  1. That Hot Tamale skirt looks HOT :). You are going to have to show me when you are done :).


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