Well I’ve finished my bag and it’s in the washer right now felting. It’s been in for approx 20 min and there is no noticeable difference. I’m hoping that I don’t have to do it by hand that would suck.

I did a bad thing. I knitted at my desk between calls today. That’s a big no no. Especially since the call center is at less that 90% for quality. Oh well. I wasn’t told to stop and several people saw me doing it. Hopefully that means that I’ll be able to do more knitting and get my projects done faster. I don’t take the bus to work like Miriam so I can’t do it on my way in or home. I’m stuck doing it when I get home and staying up late. That makes me a not so pleasant person. I’ll post a pic of the bag when I’m done felting it.

I just checked on the bag after about 30 min in the washer and there is now a noticeable difference. BTW it’s a front loading washer which everyone told me wouldn’t work to felt the bag. I’ve restarted the cycle as it was about the spin and rinse and the bag’s not ready for that.

That’s all for tonight as it’s after midnight and I have to get some sleep tonight. I’ll update tomorrow with pics and if I end up hand felting.



~ by kitkatsknits on April 23, 2005.

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