Bag Done!!!

I finished my bag last Friday night, okay very early Saturday morning. I needle felted it this weekend and put on Mickey Mouse’s glove. I thought the colors were perfect for that. As you can see from the picture the glove isn’t perfect but hey if it were I’d get in trouble for copy right infringement.

I’ve also been bitten by the beaded stitch marker bug. I’ve yet to take good pics of those. In order to get them in focus with my camera they’re way too small to see. I’ll eventually be selling those online and I’ll post a link when I figure out where I’ll be selling them. I’ve started on a pair of wrist warmers for myself and the lace pattern is starting to get on my nerves even tho it’s a very simple pattern. I’m thinking I’ll just put it at the very bottom and tops of the warmers. I’ll have to see later.

Time to go get ready for work now. I’ll catch y’all later



~ by kitkatsknits on April 26, 2005.

2 Responses to “Bag Done!!!”

  1. Love the glove-great touch :).


  2. Whee, cute bag! Are you keeping it or is it a gift?

    hey, and you’ll have to let me know how the Self Challenge goes! I bagged it during finals (I know, so bad!) but I’m going to pick it up again next week.

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