Long Awaited Pics

Please be forwarned there are a lot of pics in this post so if you have a slow connection it may take quite a while for this particular page to load. So with no further ado.

I have finally recieved my Knit Picks order. I’m so excited I can hardly sit here and type.

Also pictured is the hand painted mohair and the solid color that I plan on using for my shawl.

I have also finished seaming up my 3 yr size baby sweater. Here it is pre-blocking. I’ll prolly be doing that on Wednesday since I have the day off work. Click on the pic for a close up and for better color.

As stated earlier I finally figured out the macro setting on my camera so here are pics of the beaded stitch markers that I have made so far. I do plan on selling these online for approx $2/pair. Do you guys think that’s too much?

Welp that’s it for tonight. I’ll have more to share tomorrow I’m sure. I’m off to work on some of that boring stockinette stitch I was muttering about earlier so that I can play with some of my new yummy yarns.



~ by kitkatsknits on May 3, 2005.

One Response to “Long Awaited Pics”

  1. I think $2.00 per pair is a great price. They look lovely :).

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