Knit Along

I just joined my first knit along. It’s the Triada scarf in the Summer 2005 Interweave knits. If you want to join you can find it here.

I have also joined the Irish Hiking Scarf knit along. The links will also always be on the right side of the screen.

I almost forgot to tell you guys. I scored on a pair of Addi Turbo’s. At Needlepoint Joint they have punch cards. For every $100 you spend you get $10 of your next purchase. I wasn’t quite finished punching my second card there and had already used my first one for part of todays purchase. Well, the woman that was helping me started to punch today’s purchase and realized that I’d be starting a new card. She used the second card for todays purchase and then put the full amount of the purchase on the new card! So I got an extra $10 off and more than halfway on a new card. I ended up getting a total of $20 off my purchase which included a $25 pair of Addi Turbo’s. Essentially I got those for $5. I almost couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

Well I have things that I have to do before I can do any knitting so I’ll blog to you all later.



~ by kitkatsknits on May 4, 2005.

One Response to “Knit Along”

  1. Two knitalongs…you are ambitious! 🙂 I’d join a knitalong, but then that would commit me to actually finishing a project. Not that they don’t get finished, but if I HAD to do it, it would be another story. Kindof like term papers, which always get done like 3.5 hours before their due… But maybe someday I should join a knitalong. They kindof sound like fun.

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