Oregon Tote

I have gotten to the applied I-Cord edging on the top of the bag. Once I got there and started doing it, it ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. Imagine that, me being able to figure something out from the written instructions. Makes me less afraid to start Rogue when I get her yarn sometime next week.

I have had to take an unwelcomed break from knitting as my wrist, still recovering from surgery 4 months later, is really beginning to bug me lately. I have it in a pressure bandage right now. So progress on ALL my projects is somewhat stalled. 😦

I am working on my projects but only for about 15 minutes a night right now as if I spend much more time than that on them I’ll end up crying in pain as I try to sleep that night. So things ARE progressing, just very very slowly.

For that reason I have stayed my casting on for the Triada and my Irish Hiking scarf knit alongs, but I did sign up for the Secret Pal 5 Today. I hope I get someone good, and I don’t end up spending an arm and a leg on them, I tend to get carried away when buying for others, as them how would I knit. With one hand and one foot? That would be interesting.



~ by kitkatsknits on May 11, 2005.

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