Utah drivers suck!

Just to share what a “wonderful” day I had on Tuesday. It wasn’t even 9 yet when this happened.

For those of you that don’t know I work a grave shift job at a local plastics manufacturing warehouse and then a second job at the local community center. I was waiting in the driveway of the first job to turn right to go home and change for my second job. Well this guy pulls up next to and slightly behind me, about even with the back of my door. We were both looking left for an opening and when he saw one he took off. Needless to say I hadn’t moved yet and he ran right into me. Yes I’m okay.

His excuse? “I thought you had gone.” Helloooo do people not have eyes? Could he not have looked to make sure? No. He just steps on it.

Here are some pics of my car that I took right after it happened. You can click on the picture to see it larger.

A close up of my cracked fender.

A close up of the hole in my door. If you look closely at the bottom of my door you can see a piece of the trim hanging off as well.

A view of my whole driver’s side door.

A slightly wider view of part of my fender and the door.

Yes that’s me in that oh so lovely pose squatted down next to my car. Okay so now that you’ve heard the story of what happened let me tell you what happened after.

At first he said he wanted to try to pay for this himself and not go through insurance. I’m fine with that. I’m not a horrible person. I can understand trying to keep it under the radar and not raising his monthly bills. So I spent all morning Tuesday getting quotes. I call him Tuesday afternoon and tell him $957 for the lowest and $1824 for the highest. He says it’ll take him a while to come up with the money. I ask how long. A week? A month? Just a general idea. He says he’ll have to do some checking and get back to me. I’m cool with that. Told him to let me know that night at work. So when I get there Tuesday night/Wednesday morning he says he wants to go through his insurance. Okay fine. So I call Allstate yesterday and give them the policy number he gave me. They say that it’s not a valid policy number. Okay fine. They can’t look it up by VIN or license plate number. Only full name and address. So I decide to give him another try. I call and wake him up, not that I feel horrible about that after what I’ve been going through to try to get my car fixed. He says he’ll call and get me a claim number or valid policy number by that night, this morning at 12 AM.

This morning at 8:30 when we’re leaving work I ask him if he has a claim number for me. He says I didn’t call. So I ask to see his proof of insurance to verify the policy number or get the address. He comes back with, (now this isn’t an exact quote but very close to what he said) “You know what? I was looking at my policy and realized I gave you the one that’s expired, so I’ll have to call my dad and get the information.” By this point I’m fuming. He has put off my car being fixed by 2 more days because he’s either too lazy or too stupid to get this taken care of. So anyway, he made he mistake of telling me that the policy is in his fathers name and what his fathers name is. I know how to use the internet. I love me some http://www.skipease.com. So I find the only person in the state with his fathers name and call. I get his sister, who I at first thought was his mom. I say, “Is this the so and so residence?” Yes, but he’s not home right now. “Do you have a son named (blank) that lives in Logan?” Yes. Then I proceed to tell her what happened and ask if the son is still on the Allstate insurance. She didn’t know and took my number to have her mother call me back. Doesn’t matter if mom or dad call I had the info I needed. SkipEase provided the address for this person so I called Allstate back and got my claim filed.

I don’t even care if he’s furious with me. I’ll get my car fixed in a more timely manner. If he didn’t want his father to know what happened he shouldn’t have forced me to call. He should have acted like the adult he wants to be and taken care of this 2 days ago. He should not have forced me to find his father and tell him myself.

So I think I’m done venting now I’ll let you all get back to your lives. I’ll keep you updated on the saga that is my car repair as I get more info.


~ by kitkatsknits on May 18, 2006.

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