Oh my god I had soooooo much fun this last weekend. After rushing around my house to make sure that I had everything last Friday before I took off 80 miles from home I finally made it down to the park. You know that sentence doesn’t make much sense but I’m not going to change it. Y’all just have to figure out what it says.

It was almost dark and I had to set up a tent that I hadn’t used in oh 13 years. I almost got it up right. Didn’t quite have the tent poles where they needed to be on the ground. So I set it up how I believe/remember it should be, with help, toss my stuff inside and roll up and tie the windows so that I can air it out after being in a bag for 13 years.

It comes time to go to bed and I untie the windows and flip them down and, “Shit!”, there goes my tent. Damn thing fell down. The people that were in the tent right by mine, Mairwen and Troy, hear me and come out to help. So we get the tent back up. The same way as before and I say thanks and crawl inside to go to bed. I close the outside door, no problems, and as I get to the bottom of the inner screen door, “Crap!”, it falls down again. So here I am in a collapsed tent trying to get the door open so I can get back out and fix it again. Troy and Mairwen graciously get back out of their tent and help me put mine back up AGAIN. Only this time we did it the right way and it didn’t fall down again. Yeah!

Okay so tent problem fixed. I get back inside after thanking Troy and Mairwen again, roll out my borrowed sleeping bag, toss my blanket over the top, put on my pj’s, and crawl inside. Well FUCK ME! but there’s a huge ass rock under my tent and no matter where I move I can’t seem to move off of it. Okay so it wasn’t really a rock just really hard ground and my 27 yo bones complaining, “HEY we’re not 14 anymore!! You can’t just sleep on the ground dumb ass!” Well I have no idea what time it was. It was late and dark and I was tired. I tossed and turned and went back down the canyon the next AM to buy myself an air mattress. I slept a whole heck of a lot better the second night. That wasn’t however solely due to the air mattress. I had me a human furnace to keep me warm.

His name is Troy. Yes the same Troy previously mentioned. Oh did he make me warm, and curl my toes. 4 times that first night, and if we’d had more preservatives it would have happened even more times while we were out there, but damn it he only brought one. The rest were back in his tent with Mairwen and her kids, it would have been a little odd for him to crawl back into his tent to dig those out of his bag. Troy, honey, if you’re reading this I know I said it a lot this weekend but DUMB ASS! Eventually I’ll get over it and we can laugh about it. Oh wait that was the next morning.

For those of you reading this that aren’t members of the SCA and/or don’t know these people I’m talking about you may be getting the wrong idea. You may be saying, “But, wait, I thought that Troy was sharing a tent with Mairwen.” Well he was but not because they’re a couple. It was because he’s nice and Mairwen and her kids needed a place to sleep. Mairwen is married. Troy is(was?) single. The question mark is cause we haven’t quite figured out what we are to each other yet. Or at least I haven’t.

Now that the explanation of why I’m not a cold hearted man stealing bitch is out of the way, wanna know about Sunday morning? We woke up, heard patters on the top of the tent and thought more fucking rain. Troy looked up and saw it starting to collect. Wait a minute rain doesn’t collect. It was snowing. So of course, having only lived through two winters in my life I got excited cause I like snow. I got this big ole grin on my face and started clapping my hands. Troy said he didn’t like me anymore 😦 Just cause I got excited about snow. Big meanie. That’s okay I forgive, but I don’t forget. At least not till the next time I get a kiss. I managed to get a couple of pictures before it all melted.

This is a shot of the camp from the view of my tent. Then I turned immediately around and snapped this one.

You can’t see it but right on the other side of the shrubs at the bottom of the picture is a river. Man that thing was loud. Of course, as always, you can click on the pic to get a larger version.

So everyone else, not the people I was camping with, decided that the event was over a whole day early and we all left. Spent the night at my friend Flora’s house and her GD rooster kept crowing the next morning. I tell you if I had more energy I would have killed that little fucker, but I was all warm and happy snuggled up in bed with Troy. He was happy too so I wasn’t going anywhere.

We all spent the day at Flora’s getting their trailer partially unloaded. Set their pavilion back up so it could dry. Set Troy’s tent back up so it could dry. Mine is still rolled up in the trunk of my car. I think I’m just going to throw it away as is has a hole in it and eventually buy a new one. We spent all day visiting and laughing and just having a good time in general. I took Troy home to SLC as I was already planning on going down to get me some Wienerschnitzel. I know y’all think I’m wierd for getting excited over places like JITB and Wienerschnitzel but those of you that do just don’t understand.

Anyway, we ended up starting Narnia at like 10:15. I was planning on being home at midnight but I had to stay and see it again. It was just as good as the first time I saw it in the theater. So I didn’t get out of his place til 12:30 and still had an hour and a half drive back home. I made it home just after 2 and went to bed after telling Troy that I made it home in one piece. Passed out and then woke up and tossed and turned after a couple of hours cause my bed was lonely. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to sharing a bed with someone.

I’m sure that I’ve forgotten somethings that happened this weekend. That happens when you drink and don’t sleep well. I’ll post more later if I remember anything else.

On the knitting front nothing to blog about. Just got 2 more rows on Icarus done, and of course already planned for another project.

Catch y’all later.


~ by kitkatsknits on May 30, 2006.

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