New Subtitle

I know! I know! This is supposed to be first and foremost a blog about my knitting. However I have found myself with less and less knitting to blog about and more and more life to blog aobut. That’s why the switch around in the subtitle. Now I’m going to have to go change the category I’m in at BlogHer. Hopefully that isn’t that difficult.

Meanwhile I’m plotting all the wonderful nefarious deeds I can do and stuff I can buy with my new found fame. I have a new reader! Welcome Pamela. Did you bring any friends? I hope so. If not how do you expect me to become rich and famous like Heather Armstrong? Able to live off my blog and my husbands love. Oh yeah, and my kid and two dogs, which I don’t have. And the daily posting. Have to get working on that.

I am going to make you all a promise. I will post everyday before I go to bed. If I don’t you can call me and ask me where my post is.


~ by kitkatsknits on August 4, 2008.

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