A List of 26 Lists

So I have put up a few lists on things on my blog fairly recently. So much so that I was linked to be another blogger as being a list lover. She has challenged us to make lists. Not meaningful lists of anything of significance. Just a list of useless things. To that end I have decided to make a list of things you can make lists of.

  1. Things you have made.
  2. Books you have read
  3. Movies you have seen
  4. Reasons to keep hitting snooze in the morning
  5. People you love
  6. People you hate
  7. Things you need to do
  8. Books you need to read
  9. Books you want to read
  10. Books you need to read but don’t really want to
  11. Stuff you need to buy
  12. Stuff you want to buy but don’t have the money for
  13. Ideas for blog updates
  14. Knitting patterns you want to make
  15. Knitting patterns you want to design
  16. Crafts you want to learn
  17. Games you want to play
  18. Celebrities you want to fuck
  19. Celebrities you want to kill
  20. “Normal” people you want to kill
  21. Food you love
  22. Food you hate
  23. Cars you want to own
  24. Cars you have owned
  25. Hair colors you have had
  26. Hair colors you would like to have

This list could go on and on but I have to go get in the shower to get ready for work now. You can add more in the comments.


~ by kitkatsknits on October 3, 2008.

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