11 Things found while doing yard work

So it’s list day again. Yeah go list day! We were specifically asked to make lists that weren’t useful. So here you go.

Our city is paying to put large dumpsters on the streets for about a week at a time for neighborhood beautification. In preparation we cleaned up all the trash and stuff lying around the back yard today. Shit that has been accumulating for years before I moved into my current residence.

  1. a rusted out bed frame
  2. shit loads of Styrofoam
  3. lots and lots of cans (beer and soda)
  4. like 4 hoses (who needs more than one?)
  5. dead soccer balls
  6. buckets
  7. old interior doors
  8. rail road ties
  9. lighters
  10. empty cigarette packs
  11. candy wrappers



~ by kitkatsknits on October 27, 2008.

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