32 Wierd names found while trolling MySpace

Okay so I joined the dark side and have a myspace page. Mostly as a way to keep in touch with friends who wont do it any other way.

While I was “browsing” for friends the other night I ran across some rather interesting and funny profile names. Here they are in no particular order

  1. WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!!!!!!! – Yes there really were 7 exclamation points I counted.
  2. king ding a ling!!!!
  3. ♠Something like a pimp♠ – This on a females profile
  4. JaggedlyMajestic – I didn’t see anything majestic about this person on her profile
  5. Cudworth – I don’t know if I’d advertise being worthy of being cow vomit
  6. NAME TAKEN – Pretty damn original, ranks right up there with making your password iforgot
  7. The Borough Creep – Looked pretty creepy in his profile pic
  8. Green Eyed Dork ^.^ – At least she’s honest about what she is
  9. Boof Queen – What the hell is a boof and why would you want to be the queen of them
  10. The Love Burrito ♥ – The Love Burrito? Oh come on you couldn’t come up with anything better than this?
  11. That One Girl – You know! That one that we saw at the thing!
  12. Res Ipsa Loquitor – How many people out there really know what this means (See here if you’re one of those that doesn’t know.)
  13. I changed my name to “His” chick – Who is he and why does he own you?
  14. Dream Seller – Ooh! I’ll take a nice wet dream please.
  15. Hottie Mc.Awesome – She looks like she’s about 12 in her pic
  16. Curlytoes – Why do we need to know this? Really I would have been happier with Hangstotheleft
  17. dont wear skinny jeans cause my knot$ dont fit – Rly? They dont? r u sur? Have you tryd l8ly?
  18. Punctuation, is? fun! – Only when used correctly sweetheart.
  19. Cheezy McCheeselson from Cheesleton – How cheesy.
  20. Take My Magic Marker and Blacked Your Left Lung – How do you propose I do this? Should I smoke it? Should I just try inhaling without lighting it? Or should I cut myself open and color on my lung?
  21. SEALED BENEATH THE SURFACE – Of what? Two week old pudding? Or are you trying to be all deep and emotional and you mean the real you is sealed beneath the surface you show the world?
  22. I’ll Take The Rapist’s For 200 – Really that’s all you’re worth?
  23. i make airplane noises when i swing – I’m sure all the men appreciate it.
  24. Ms. I Stay Fresh Like I’m Wrapped In Plastic – Wow that’s a lot of last names. Must have been hard finding the husbands in the right order
  25. friend genetic vibes meet become urn friend – Ummmm, yeah.
  26. Mr Im doin me – Well thank you for sharing but you really should keep that to yourself unless you plan on charging people to watch.
  27. Are you Serious??? – Why yes I am. Thank you for asking
  28. eloquent delinquent – Okay just wierd
  29. Don Tomato – Are your goons named potato and butternut?
  30. KILLER POTATO ™ lovez FRANCE – Glad to know that potatoes love France. Especially killer potatoes
  31. Mumble Bee – Great so you buzz and don’t enunciate. Must make talking to you really difficult
  32. C to the Lo – Okay but who’s going to C to the Hi?

There would have been more but I got bored looking for more. It wasn’t fun anymore. So there you go.


~ by kitkatsknits on November 10, 2008.

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