Definition of Hockey

I was bored at home the other day and playing around on the intrawebs. I somehow stumbled across Cake Wrecks. As I was browsing through the older entries I found one that had a picture of what was supposed to be a cake for a hockey fan.

The author wasn’t familiar with the sport and asked her husband to explain it to her. This is what she heard:

“See, apparently they play this sport on ice – but they have to make sure the ice is really thick, or else their cleats will scuff it all up. The players wear lots of padding and helmets, and carry little butterfly nets on sticks with which to hit the ball around. The object of the game is to score a triple Hail Mary – which is just another name for a running slam dunk – and consists of knocking three other players down while simultaneously dunking the ball through one of the red rings. Players known as running backs try to kick the ball, but the other team’s catchers use their heads and butterfly nets to deflect the ball away from their side’s field goal. Any running backs who are able to push the other team’s running backs out of the big circle in the middle get what’s called a free throw, in which they’re allowed to chuck the ball at the head of their least favorite player. If they miss, their team only scores a half-down, but if the ball hits the other player, they score a hole-in-one.”

I just about pissed myself laughing after reading that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more accurate definition of what most non sports enthusiasts hear when trying to understand a sport they don’t care for or watch on a regular basis.

To see the cake in question and read her entire post go here


~ by kitkatsknits on November 19, 2008.

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