More Crazy People

I’m telling you guys they’re everywhere. I read yet another crazy story in the paper on my lunch break the other day.

This time a 13 year old girl was accused by a classmate of having prescription strength ibuprofen on campus. So get this. Two school officials strip searched the girl. That’s right STRIP SEARCHED. A 13 year old girl. She was forced to remove all her clothing including bra and panties. Guess what. They didn’t find anything. That’s right. Not even one pill. Not one.

The people at the school don’t feel they did anything wrong. In fact there was no disciplinary action taken of any kind. This girl was emotionally scarred. She developed ulcers and had to move schools. The lawyer even said they had “reasonable grounds” for the search. “Remember,” he said, “these were prescription strength Ibuprofen.”

Just outrageous. I will be sure that my children know it’s okay to say no to ANYONE. To read the full story go here. To send the superintendent a piece of your mind you can write:

Dr. Mark R. Tregaskes
734 W 11th St
Safford, AZ 85546


~ by kitkatsknits on April 15, 2009.

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